Chicago, IL

Azure & O365 Development

Tuesday, July 27th 2021, 1:30 pm

  • Daniel Christian

    Microsoft Business Application MVP

WRK606 - Power Apps: App design patterns

This is a beginner to intermediate level class meant for makers who have built a few apps using the out-of-box forms and are now interested in improving the UI and UX design patterns to make the app more user-friendly and reduce end-user mistakes. In the second half we'll look at building some Power Automate flows using buttons.   We'll build an elegant canvas app to submit, edit and delete data. Our primary focus will be on the design features such as- • Adding headers, footers and navigation icons using components, • Improving the look and feel of data cards in galleries • Pop-up messages

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 9:50 am

  • Prashant G Bhoyar

    Microsoft AI MVP, Solution Architect at Withum

AZR101 - Introduction to AI and Cognitive Services for Microsoft 365 Devs and Information Workers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new buzzwords in the industry. Microsoft's vision is to make AI accessible to every enterprise, data scientist, developer, information worker, consumer and device everywhere in the world. AI has a big role to play in the enterprise space. The field of AI is progressing at a rapid pace. Without understanding the concepts behind these advanced technologies, developers and administrators will struggle to evaluate the potential impact of new tools and solutions. In this session, we will break down the concepts behind existing technologies, outline various tools available today, and discuss the direction of AI and ML for Microsoft 365 Developers. We will cover how developers, Power Users, and Information workers can take advantages of the Microsoft's AI and Cognitive Services offerings to build real-life enterprise solutions. You will learn: 1) Overview of Microsoft AI Platform 2) What are the cognitive services? 3) What tools are available today? 4) How to use Cognitive Services to implement real-life business solutions in Microsoft 365?

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 3:20 pm

  • Alex Terentiev

    Office Development MVP. Custom Solutions Architect, Lead Developer at Sharepointalist Inc.

AZR104 - Create Your First Bot to Communicate with SharePoint Lists

The session: 1. overviews Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework 2. provides steps on how to register needed Azure resources for the bot 3. Explains bot state and dialogs 4. Showcases how to authenticate a bot to work with Microsoft Graph 5. Shows how to use Microsoft Graph to work with SharePoint list items

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 4:40 pm

  • Frank Migacz

    Cloud Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center

FLO106 - Power Platform ALM (DevOps)

ALM/DevOps is important when your IT department want to build Power Apps and cloud flows. Power Platform ALM introduces two peculiar results: moving apps from a sandbox environment into a production environment can sometimes erase earlier changes; also, the connectors can no longer sign-in! We'll dive deep into the Power Platform, environments, solutions, and components to see why this happens, what steps you must take to avoid the peculiar results, and other generally good practices :) Although this session focuses on professional development teams (not the citizen developer), I will highlight an app to make ALM easy for citizen developers, too.

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 9:00 am

  • Liam Cleary

    CEO | Microsoft MVP | Microsoft Certified Trainer

AZR201 - Introduction to Automating Azure with Azure CLI

What is the Cross-platform Azure CLI? How can you use it to manage an Azure Tenant? Is it easier than PowerShell, or do they complement each other? Microsoft created and released the Azure CLI to help in managing tenants from any platform. This session will review what the Azure CLI toolset is and understand standard syntax and features. We will also look at automating the creation and management of Azure Tenant Services and Components. By the end of the session, you will use Azure CLI to manage your Tenant using some of the basic commands.

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 4:20 pm

  • Bob German

    Building Solutions at Microsoft with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

AZR205 - Unlocking Microsoft 365 with the Microsoft Graph

The Microsoft Graph is the master API for Office 365. It's a simple REST service, so you can call it from pretty much anywhere, and it gives you access to all the assets in your tenant, including users and groups, Teams, SharePoint, Planner, and more. In this session you'll learn what's available, and how to get permission and an access token so you can call the Graph. You'll also learn how to use OData queries and how to deal with large data sets and throttling. The session will also give guidance on when to use native APIs such as SharePoint REST and CSOM and when to use the Graph. Please join this session and open the potential of the Microsoft Graph to your programs and scripts!

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 4:20 pm

  • Owen Allen

    Sr. Product Manager, Managed Security Services

SPT205 - Using Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Sentinel to Protect your Users and Data

Microsoft 365 Defender tracks 100s of security controls. Who is watching those alerts? Learn how to use Azure Sentinel to help you track security alerts and device and machine logs to identify attackers and security threats more efficiently - without having to stay up Every Night reviewing security logs!

Friday, July 30th 2021, 9:00 am

  • Julie Turner

    Partner Sympraxis Consulting, MVP

AZR301 - PnPJS and Async/Await: A Powerful Combination to Make your SharePoint Framework code Sing

Do Promises make async code look like spaghetti? Is it painful to build REST URLs to read and write data to Office 365? Maybe it’s time for some updated coding practices. This session will cover the use of the fluent programming style with the PnPJS library and how to make asynchronous code look synchronous by leveraging the async/await pattern with try..catch blocks instead of promise chaining and error blocks. The result is a lot less code that is simpler and easier to follow, and much easier to maintain. Join me in this session and well cover: • What is PnPJS and what can it help me do • How do I get started using PnPJS • How to deal with promises so that my code feels synchronous using the Async/Await pattern.

Friday, July 30th 2021, 2:20 pm

  • Frank Migacz

    Cloud Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center

AZR304 - Non-human authentication and authorization

A deep dive into access keys, service accounts, service principles, client credential grants, device grants, personal access tokens, etc. Also, an overview of Basic Auth vs. NTLM vs. Kerberos and OAuth/OIDC/SAML.