Tuesday, December 10th 2019, 1:30 pm

  • Richard Harbridge

    Microsoft MVP

WRK606 - Strategy & Success: Practical Tools & Techniques For The Strategist, Architect & Analyst

People are complex. Office 365 is complex. Add the two together and you get some of the most challenging, difficult, and stressful situations, especially if you are responsible for facilitating shared understanding between them. Join Richard Harbridge to learn about actionable techniques to improve, simplify and amplify your leadership, business analysis and information architecture efforts with Office 365. Walk away with improved confidence when dealing with business and non-technical related challenges of Office 365, and be familiarized with effective tools and techniques that make Office 365 implementations more successful.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 9:40 am

  • Asif Rehmani

    Microsoft MVP

OFF101 - Getting the best use out of all Office 365 applications

There's so much that Office 365 has to offer small to large organizations. However, the current reality is that most organizations are only using about 20% of the available capabilities. Why not understand the Entire value of the suite of Office 365 applications so your users can take full advantage of what you are already paying for!? Come to this session and we'll go over the entire stack of Office 365 applications. Not just what each of them do, but also the sample business use cases for each of them as well.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 11:20 am

  • Amit Vasu

    Microsoft MVP

OFF102 - Convert your Classic SharePoint Team Site to Use New Office 365 Features

Microsoft has been adding a lot of new features to Office 365. This session will cover how to leverage these new features with existing Classic Team Sites. In this session, we will cover how to add modern home pages and news to your classic team sites. This session will go into details on how you can convert your Classic team site to Group connected SP site and take advantage of existing services like Microsoft Teams and Planner. This session will also cover things to consider when migrating on-premises SharePoint sites to SharePoint online.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 11:20 am

  • Terry Simpson

    Technical Evangelist

FLO102 - Art of the Possible: Automation Demystified

Every organization has processes in place, whether you are sitting in IT, finance, legal, sales, or any other functional areas. We also know processes sometimes can lead to hundreds of hours of paperwork, approvals, routing, printing, and mundane and repetitive tasks. But let’s face it….humans have better things to do and that’s why process automation is critical. However, different process requires a different set of capabilities as no process is the same. Join us in this technical deep dive to learn the various tools you may need to automate your process. Attendees will learn: • The various automation capabilities • How automation can save you time and increase productivity • Why it’s important to start automating your processes

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 1:30 pm

  • Shyamal Addanki

    VP North America @ FireStart

FLO103 - So you want to automate - but what is the right technology to use?

RPA, DPA, BPM, iBPMs - all these automation technologies are changing the way companies have traditionally used SharePoint and workflow engines - but what is the right solution for your automation needs? I'll explore the different types of automation, including PowerApps and Flow, and guide you through when you need which one, and the different ways of thinking that are required when we embrace the Process Automation Revolution.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • William Huneycutt

    Microsoft MVP

PWR105 - Business Process Automation with PowerApps and Flow

In 2016, Microsoft introduced two new tools for Office 365: PowerApps and Flow. PowerApps is designed for power users everywhere to connect, create and share business data with your team on any device in minutes. Flow is designed to create automated workflows between your applications and services, such as SharePoint, to get notifications, synchronize files and collect data.  In this session, users will learn how to get started quickly with the PowerApps to create apps with an Microsoft Office-like experience. Users will discover how to use built-in connections to connect PowerApps to services such as SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive, and even on-premises systems such as SharePoint. Users will also learn how to share PowerApps with coworkers to take advantage of an app you created.  This session will also discuss how to get started with Microsoft Flow. Users will learn how to take advantage of pre-built templates for creating workflows. Users will also learn how to create their own flows in an easy visual designer that works anywhere on the web. Finally, we'll discuss how to manage your Flows during and after runtime. The future of SharePoint is exciting, and the addition of PowerApps and Flow can help to address the myriad of business processes faced by today’s business teams.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • Peter Carson

    Microsoft MVP

OFF105 - Office 365 External Sharing

OneDrive and SharePoint external sharing is all about publishing or collaborating with people outside of your organization. Users will find ways to do it with or without IT support (typically through email or shadow IT), so it’s important for IT to provide an easy way for them to do it effectively and securely. Sharing can be done in a number of different ways. Unstructured sharing to a small set of external users works well with the OOTB SharePoint features. As the scale increases, structured sharing with a large number of external users needs alternatives such as Azure AD B2B or third party solutions. We'll discuss options available and what makes sense where. In this session we will cover both configuring sharing appropriately, and the user experience for both content sharers and recipients. We'll also review recent announcements from Microsoft, such as the request files feature, one-time passcode support, Google federation, reporting enhancements, and deeper integration with Azure AD B2B.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 10:30 am

  • Asif Rehmani

    Microsoft MVP

BV201 - 5 steps to driving sustainable SharePoint and Office 365 adoption

Is SharePoint working for you or are you working for SharePoint? Why do many end users cringe when they hear the word 'SharePoint'? It's not because SharePoint is a bad platform (quite the contrary actually), it's because of their past experiences with SharePoint. In this session, we will talk about the 5 things You can do to make your users fall in Love with SharePoint and drive end user adoption of the platform!   Come to this session and we'll tell you about how to excite, inspire and empower your users. We'll talk about the good as well as the bad practices. Most importantly, we'll talk about some of the proven ways in which you can make SharePoint work for You!

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 1:20 pm

  • Richard Harbridge

    Microsoft MVP

INT202 - Beyond the Intranet: Digital Workplace Apps, Solutions & Bots

Now that your organization has implemented an Office 365 Intranet, what’s next? In this session we will respond to the ever-increasing demand for powerful and integrated solutions that support users’ needs across their digital workplace and beyond. Leveraging Office 365 means that you have access to entirely new ways of building solutions faster than ever before. The best part? It’s not just IT that can build these great solutions! What you’ll learn: Join Richard Harbridge as we explore real world examples and best practices for how organizations can deliver more value with integrated solutions. We will discuss Bots, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Microsoft Forms, Integrations, Office 365 development, Industry innovation, and more!

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 2:40 pm

  • Daniel Glenn

    Microsoft MVP

INT203 - Refresh your intranet with modern Office 365 features

Implementing the new modern experience is key to keeping your intranet fresh and relevant with new Office 365 features. What is the best way to implement the new features, make your environment ready for the future of collaboration, and keep your users working with their data without major disruptions? How do you use the new modern SharePoint and Office 365 features with your current Office 365 based intranet? In this session, we will walk through all of those questions and show you how to get moving with your intranet remodel. Using demos and actual project plans, you will get the knowledge you need to start transforming your Office 365 experience. Also by highlighting the features most requested by users, you will learn what to focus on during the initial stage of your project. Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Hub sites, SharePoint Communications sites, and modern site improvements will all be demoed to help you bring the 'wow' factor to your intranet.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • Sarah Haase

    Microsoft MVP, MLIS

BV204 - The "disruption-vs.-value" debate: Defining the pace of your Office 365 implementation

Office 365 provides a powerful productivity toolset that can transform your digital workplace. As Office 365 practitioners, we need to consider the speed with which we roll out collaboration capabilities to our organizations. But achieving business value and driving ROI (Return On Investment) with Office 365 requires user buy-in. The delicate balance of success hinges on generating enough disruption to change user behavior and drive business productivity without alienating the very users we're trying to engage. Yes, some of our advanced users can make use of a wide array of Office 365 apps quickly and with relatively little discomfort. But most of our users are disrupted by the rollout and onboarding process for new technologies. This session explores the disruption-versus-value debate, outlining key criteria to consider as you shape (or re-shape) the course of your Office 365 implementation.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 9:00 am

  • Asif Rehmani

    Microsoft MVP

BV301 - 1000s of users and only 1 of me. How do I support my users effectively?

Are you thinking: "How do I support my end users And do my real job?". You are not alone! Most Office 365 and SharePoint admins have the same dilemma. Supporting end users, motivating them and helping them do their job is extremely important for end user adoption, but it can become a full time job for you if not planned properly. Don't worry, the solution to this dilemma does exist and has been used by companies successfully throughout the world. Come to this session and learn strategies on how to mitigate end user support tasks reducing your support burden while increasing user adoption at the same time.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 10:40 am

  • Christopher Johnson

    Microsoft MVP
  • Marky Roden

    Microsoft MVP

BV302- What every business leader needs to know about Azure DevOps and Modern SharePoint development

Why should you, "the business", care about the processes that IT uses to deliver "their" applications? Wouldn't you like to know the quality of your requirements, project status, code quality and failure rate and your overall schedule, all from your own personalized project dashboard? You can with Azure DevOps. A business led; quality-focused development process is essential to maximizing an enterprise's ability to create cost effective, maintainable applications hosted on the Modern SharePoint platform. In this presentation Mark will discuss and provide tools that you the business leader, can use to influence and oversee the quality process being utilized to build your Modern SharePoint applications. Come and discover the customizable management capabilities your company probably already owns and the influence you should have over it. Learn the real questions you should be asking of your development team.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 2:20 pm

  • Joanne Klein

    Microsoft MVP

CM304 - Planning the Migration of Your Shared Network Drives to a Modern SharePoint Architecture

Whether an organization has been using SharePoint for a while or just starting down that road, many still have large shared network drives and legacy SharePoint environments holding content that could rightfully belong in a new, modern SharePoint architecture. Migrating this content is a challenging task and one that many of us are being asked to do. Come to this session and we'll talk about reasons why migrating this content is a good thing, a framework for making it happen, common pitfalls (and ways to avoid them), and how to help end-users make the all-important shift from "classic legacy" locations to "new and modern" in SharePoint. As it turns out, not quite as easy as you would think. You'll walk away from this session with my do's and don'ts to keep you on the right path!

Friday, December 13th 2019, 3:40 pm

  • Bob German

    Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft
  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Collaboration Technology Specialist at Microsoft, PMP
  • Craig Jahnke

    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
  • Frank Migacz

    Identity and Security Specialist at Microsoft
  • Liz Sundet

    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
  • Max Fritz

    Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft

AMA - Ask Microsoft Anything

Join us for an interactive Q&A about SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Yammer. Bring your best questions. (You can submit your questions to the panel ahead of time via the Q&A feature on the app.)