AZR203 - Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Graph as a SharePoint Developer

Sébastien Levert  MVP

Since the launch of the Microsoft Graph, a ton of new possibilities are being made available to the Office 365 and SharePoint Developers. The unified API of all the Office 365 is one of the greatest Microsoft innovation of the last few years and is changing the way that solutions are built on Office 365 and SharePoint Online. The launch of the SharePoint endpoints on the Microsoft Graph will enhance our development story and lead to amazing cloud solutions.

This session is a deep-dive into the Microsoft Graph by analyzing the current /v1.0 version of the API and what is coming on the future /beta endpoint. The focus of the session will be on the SharePoint-specific features that the Graph is now offering to the SharePoint developers.

This very demo-intensive session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :

- Understand the role of the Microsoft Graph in the Office 365 ecosystem
- Leverage and interact with your SharePoint data from the Microsoft Graph
- Change the way you will think for your next SharePoint Online solution

Level: Advanced - Platform: Cloud/Online