CM101 - Introducing Communication Sites for Communicators

Kanwal Khipple  MVP

Are you an internal communicator who owns and manages the intranet?  Are you looking to redesign your intranet but are not sure how Microsoft's Modern Communication sites fit into your project?  Attend this session to learn about what features Communication Sites provide and how you can leverage them.  This session will also be demo heavy to showcase key features that are available for 1st Release users in Office 365 tenants.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM102 - Content Types: Love Them or Lose It

Marc D Anderson  MVP

For years, one of the most fundamentally powerful capabilities in SharePoint has been Content Types. Content Types should underlie all good information architectures, along with customized metadata (Site Columns) and managed metadata which embodies the taxonomy for *your* organization. Yet far too often SharePoint users simply upload Documents into Document Libraries and wonder why no magic happens.

We’ll demystify some of these basic SharePoint capabilities to show you how you can really make your Intranet, Team Site, or Publishing Sites sing. It doesn’t matter if you’re on SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013, or on SharePoint Online in Office 365. With search underlying so much of the value that SharePoint offers these days, a good understanding of these concepts is imperative to ensure your success.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

CM103 - How to Build a Beautiful and Reusable Training Center with Communication Sites

Benjamin Niaulin  MCT, MVP, RD

Communication is often considered to be a challenge in our organizations; we don't do it enough and when we do, not well enough. It has little to do with the content itself, but rather the channel we use for it. In this session, we take a look at how to use the new capabilities of Communication Sites to build a FAQ and training center for your organization, and make it reusable within your environment.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM104 - Getting started with hub sites: how to plan and organize hub sites to build your intranet

Susan Hanley  MVP

If you are wondering how to incorporate hub sites into your intranet, this is the session for you! We will review how to determine what your hub sites should be, how to make key decisions for hub site navigation, and best practices for planning and organizing hub sites. You will learn what you can do now with hub sites as well as how to position for the future so that you can build and sustain your dynamic, modern intranet.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM105 - Modern Intranets in Office 365

Peter Carson  MVP

Build your Modern Intranet using custom rollups and audience targeting today with Modern Communication sites in Office 365, leveraging only OOTB and open source code provided.

Modern SharePoint sites were launched in 2017, they were built from the group up to be mobile friendly and driven by the latest client-side technologies. Modern sites are a lot easier for end users and authors to use and maintain, this is what makes them a great foundation for building intranets upon them. In this session, Peter will showcase the possibilities of building an Intranet with a combination of out-of-the-box components and open-source solutions. During this session, you will learn more about the out-of-the-box possibilities and where custom solutions would fit in.

The goals of the session are:
• How to extend the modern News and Page content types with custom site columns, including audience targeting metadata
• Leveraging the open source React Handlebars Search SPFx web part ( to build dynamic, flexible rollups for home and landing pages
• Audience targeting extensions to the above to filter rollups based on user profile properties
• Real world examples of this in use

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM201 - Using Metadata and Classification in Records Management

Robert Piddocke  

Managing records is an essential task for organizations – for compliance and records keeping. But what and where are your records? How do we know what’s a record and what isn’t?

Metadata not only organizes your content but also provides an environment where information governance, compliance policies, and processes, can be implemented enterprise-wide. While most records management efforts focus on disposition lists and legal holds, the key to records success is in the identification and tagging of records so they can be handled effectively.

Find out how to clean up, optimize, and organize your enterprise content, providing a framework for effective records management:
• Metadata– why it is so important?
• Building file plan best practices
• Taxonomy approaches that are manageable
• Implementing records in Out of the box SharePoint and O365

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

CM202 - Tips and Best Practices for Modern Communication Sites

Susan Hanley  MVP

Communication Sites provide a great tool to create beautiful, mobile-friendly, dynamic intranet sites. But just easy to create doesn’t always mean that easy to “consume.” It’s just as easy to create an ineffective beautiful site as it is to create an ineffective ugly site! In this session, we’ll review how to create sites that are both beautiful and effective using the modern Communication Site framework. You will learn how to leverage the “hero web part,” the best way to enhance your content with images, and how to create great content on your pages using the new section layouts, including what type of content works best in each layout. You will take away ideas that will help your sites go from boring to soaring!

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

CM204 - Build a Modern Office 365 Adoption Center

Joanne Klein  MVP

Similar to her Microsoft Tech Community blog post and done with real customers, Joanne will show how to build an Adoption Center on a modern SharePoint Communication site from end-to-end using no code. This session will cover the underlying information architecture and how to leverage it to build and organize tagged modern pages. Bonus: You can use this same technique to tag and organize pages for many use-cases in your SharePoint environment.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM301 - Make your Intranet go from Good to Great

Liz Sundet  MVP, PMP, MBA

Imagine spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your company intranet portal only to realize that people really don't like it, don't spend much time in it and actually avoid it as much as possible. It could be because your corporate intranet, while having lots of information, just doesn't function well for the general population. In this session, we will talk thru examples of different company intranets built using SharePoint and what makes them transform and make the leap from good to great. Use those examples and little things to make your intranet a place of interest and collaboration that help to connect people in the workplace.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

CM302 - Making the most of SharePoint Managed Metadata

Jeff Cate  

When SharePoint’s Managed Metadata feature set was introduced in 2010, it was hailed as “revolutionary” and the most important SharePoint feature to date. Fast forward to 2018 – it’s still an awesome set of features that is woven tightly throughout the SharePoint end user experience. But, with all of the emphasis over the past 5 – 7 years on “moving to the cloud”, has it become an underutilized power feature? We believe so.

Attend this session to take a fresh look at the Managed Metadata feature set in SharePoint and hear some stories of its effective use.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

CM303 - Practical Tips on Designing an effective Digital Workplace

Kanwal Khipple  MVP

Attend this session to better understand how you can build your digital hub powered by SharePoint Online. We’ll dive into how Hub Sites, Communication and broader team sites can support with your digital workplace strategy.
Along-side, learning practical tips on how to build your own digital workplace, Kanwal will also share lessons learned on content strategy, migration strategy, brand strategy as well as governance strategy for your SharePoint sites.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

CM203 - Intranets & Digital Hubs With Office 365: What You Need To Know

Richard Harbridge  MVP

There is a growing trend of organisations moving to “the cloud” to meet their intranet needs. While many organisations are running their Intranets “on premise”, many are considering entirely cloud-based solutions or running them on platforms like Office 365.

The question for many companies is not “should our intranet be built with Office 365?” but “how should we integrate or build our Intranets with Office 365”. This is even more true today with the emergence of new modern Intranet capabilities and continued innovation from Microsoft that must be reconciled with enterprise Intranet/Digital Workplace needs.

In this session Richard Harbridge will explore:
• The benefits Office 365 brings to an intranet...
• Where the issues and challenges will lie...
• Practical guidance on when and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing intranet today...

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud