CM105 - Modern Intranets in Office 365

Peter Carson  MVP

Build your Modern Intranet using custom rollups and audience targeting today with Modern Communication sites in Office 365, leveraging only OOTB and open source code provided.

Modern SharePoint sites were launched in 2017, they were built from the group up to be mobile friendly and driven by the latest client-side technologies. Modern sites are a lot easier for end users and authors to use and maintain, this is what makes them a great foundation for building intranets upon them. In this session, Peter will showcase the possibilities of building an Intranet with a combination of out-of-the-box components and open-source solutions. During this session, you will learn more about the out-of-the-box possibilities and where custom solutions would fit in.

The goals of the session are:
• How to extend the modern News and Page content types with custom site columns, including audience targeting metadata
• Leveraging the open source React Handlebars Search SPFx web part ( to build dynamic, flexible rollups for home and landing pages
• Audience targeting extensions to the above to filter rollups based on user profile properties
• Real world examples of this in use

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online