CM201 - Using Metadata and Classification in Records Management

Robert Piddocke  

Managing records is an essential task for organizations – for compliance and records keeping. But what and where are your records? How do we know what’s a record and what isn’t?

Metadata not only organizes your content but also provides an environment where information governance, compliance policies, and processes, can be implemented enterprise-wide. While most records management efforts focus on disposition lists and legal holds, the key to records success is in the identification and tagging of records so they can be handled effectively.

Find out how to clean up, optimize, and organize your enterprise content, providing a framework for effective records management:
• Metadata– why it is so important?
• Building file plan best practices
• Taxonomy approaches that are manageable
• Implementing records in Out of the box SharePoint and O365

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud