OFF204 - Office 365 Adoption in 10 Steps

Eric Riz  MVP, MBA

The continued evolution and growth of Office 365 requires your users to trust and adopt it the platform in order to use it correctly. Simply implementing Office 365 as a solution and releasing it to your organization simply does not work. You will need to create and manage a strategic plan for incrementally rolling out your solution, thereby promoting trust and adoption. In this session, we will cover techniques, strategic plans and roadmaps that promote trust and aid with adoption for Office 365 deployments.

Areas we will cover include:
• Understanding what it is you are building; strategic planning and communication.
• The value of information assets
• Improving trust and adoption of Office 365 and SharePoint
• Governing the implementation and use of the Office 365 suite
• Aligning your implementation with Corporate Strategic Initiatives
• The value of automating operational business process
• Integrating Microsoft Tools and Office Applications
• Integrating business applications

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud