SRC102 - Search: Developing a solid Strategy (or how to figure out what to do)

Virgil Carroll  MCT

The 3 most important keys to a solid search implementation is planning, planning and planning.

In this session, Virgil will walk through how to plan out your search implementation, avoid typical pitfalls and set you up for success in the future.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

SRC104 - Find and Display - Delivering Dynamic User Experiences in Office 365

Benjamin Niaulin  MCT, MVP, RD

Having the data isn't an issue, we definitely have it and store it almost everywhere. The challenge lies in getting the right data and displaying it in a way your end users will want to consume and gain value out of it. Now there is a challenge!

In the past, you may have used SharePoint Search to do this and you still can today. However, as we moved to the cloud, we've gained new capabilities that don't necessarily require us to be developers to build them.

This session will help you bring value to your work by showing you how to leverage Search in Office 365 with its new modern web parts as well as Power BI and Power Apps to bring data out of its closet and into the hands of any users within your organization.

You will gain a lot by democratizing access to data insights within your company, be the one to lead that change.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

SRC105 - Modernize Enterprise Search and Increase Productivity

Kim Frehe, Eric Hansen  

Imagine asking your phone or computer a question to find information that is housed inside your organization, and the response being exactly what you were looking for, even it if is in a picture or scanned document? What if your workforce could just ask for what they need and not even think about the where, the why, the when, the who, the how, or even how to spell it? How much time would your employees save? How much more productive could your organization be if the information it needs is just a question away?

Join Kim Frehe and Eric Hansen as we explore the amazing capabilities of Azure Search. We'll see it put into action with other tools to present users with information from both structured, predefined data and unstructured, undefined data, such as images and scanned documents. Forget metadata and content types, we can now focus on information and how to find it.

During this session we will:
• Learn about the features and capabilities of Azure Search,
• Discuss the tools and options to extend these capabilities,
• Meet Ava, a bot that uses a combination of Azure Search, AI, a custom index for our organization, cognitive services, and the user's request to present contextually relevant responses to a request to find information.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

SRC201 - SharePoint’s Swiss Army Knife: The Content Search Web Part

Sean McDonough  MVP

Each release of SharePoint has delivered new tools to make SharePoint sites sparkle, but few of these tools have been as exciting as SharePoint’s Content Search Web Part (CSWP).

Much like a Swiss Army Knife, the CSWP can be manipulated and configured in a multitude of ways. It can be used for everything from showing basic search results to displaying personalized content that is both interactive and dynamically generated. Whether you are using SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, and whether you are “just” an end-user or a hard-core developer, the CSWP is one built-in web part you will want to understand in order to make your SharePoint sites shine.

In this demo-heavy session, you will learn what you need to know to become productive with the CSWP in no time at all.

1. Dive into how the CSWP works and how it can be configured
2. Identify where the CSWP can be used and when there are better options
3. Demonstrate how the CSWP can be used in-place of custom code for certain scenarios

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

SRC204 - Search: 120 days after launch and beyond (monitoring & maintaining)

Virgil Carroll  MCT

In this session, Virgil will walk through best practices in monitoring, measuring and 'tweaking' your search to get the most power out of your implementation.

Whether you newly launched or been running in the same circles for a long time, this session will give you practical tips and examples of things you can do to better your search while not taking up all your time.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

SRC301 - Navigation:  A Step Towards Success in SharePoint

Stacy Deere-Strole  MVP

Navigation can single handily destroy any SharePoint implementation.  How you ask?  If your users cannot easily find what they are looking for in 3 clicks or less they have lost focus and sometimes the drive to reuse the site.  However, that is not the only issue that can occur with a navigation, one of the most popular ones I have been seeing lately is navigation that takes the users to another page or site then to another and another and another.  I guess the good thing is they eventually get there but the bad news is now they are going to bookmark or make it a favorite so that they never have to click so many times to get back there.  Sounds like a great solution for the users right?  Actually, it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to your SharePoint implementation. 

The basis of implementing SharePoint within an organization is collaboration and if the users are bookmarking sites then they are missing all the information the company is trying to share with their organization.  The home page becomes obsolete, editors of the sites stop updating it and then collaboration only (hopefully) exists within the content sites and the company fails in communication.
In this session we will explore navigation best practices, how to clean up your existing navigation to make it more relevant, easy to use and turn it into the wow factor of your site.  Last but not least some tips and tricks on how to get your users excited about SharePoint and your new navigation.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

SRC303 - Search: Making it useful and look really good

Virgil Carroll  MCT

Where appearance is not everything, appearance is not nothing. Even if you have the most 'groomed' search results ever, presenting those results in a meaningful, useful manner will help people using it be more successful.

In this session, Virgil will demonstrate how to use the powerful customization features of SharePoint to build a visually appealing, easy to use Search design.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud