SRC105 - Modernize Enterprise Search and Increase Productivity

Kim Frehe, Eric Hansen  

Imagine asking your phone or computer a question to find information that is housed inside your organization, and the response being exactly what you were looking for, even it if is in a picture or scanned document? What if your workforce could just ask for what they need and not even think about the where, the why, the when, the who, the how, or even how to spell it? How much time would your employees save? How much more productive could your organization be if the information it needs is just a question away?

Join Kim Frehe and Eric Hansen as we explore the amazing capabilities of Azure Search. We'll see it put into action with other tools to present users with information from both structured, predefined data and unstructured, undefined data, such as images and scanned documents. Forget metadata and content types, we can now focus on information and how to find it.

During this session we will:
• Learn about the features and capabilities of Azure Search,
• Discuss the tools and options to extend these capabilities,
• Meet Ava, a bot that uses a combination of Azure Search, AI, a custom index for our organization, cognitive services, and the user's request to present contextually relevant responses to a request to find information.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online