DEV104 - Formalize and Future-Proof Client-Side Development for 'Classic' SharePoint

Julie Turner, Bob German  MVP

Is your organization still on a legacy version of SharePoint with no immediate plans to upgrade? Feeling left out in the cold when SharePoint Framework is only for SharePoint online or for SharePoint 2016 with Feature Pack 2? Tired of mounting up technical debt for a time in the not too distant future when you will migrate and want to adopt modern sites?
Join Julie Turner and Bob German for this focused look on implementing a modern development toolchain that mimics the SharePoint Framework and propels your development from a bit of a hack into a more formalized process. Not only does this help you deliver solutions that are more maintainable and future-proof, it helps you become more marketable in today’s SharePoint and web development environment.
You will learn how to:
·         set up your development environment to use task runners, bundlers, TypeScript, and more, with the ability to take or leave various pieces as they work for you.
·         think about deployment strategies for development, testing, and production
·         architect your solutions to provide a more future-proof code base that will expedite the migration process when it comes

Level: Advanced - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud