DEV302 - SharePoint Framework Best Practices

Eric Overfield  RD, MVP

Creating your first SharePoint Framework webpart is only the first step in a process, even for the most hardened JavaScript expert. There are multiple paths and options at every step, from the most simple application to a control that uses a diverse mashup of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, tools and techniques. There are pitfalls at most any step to avoid and this session looks to highlight and help you stay clear of the most common ones with SharePoint Framework development best practices. Learn how to interact with SharePoint and other data with REST API’s via promises and asynchronous code, see how to include external JavaScript libraries, i.e. jQuery, find ways to utilize existing TypeScript code and much more.

This session will focus on the SharePoint Framework, the primary topics being:
• A dive into the Framework toolchain and structure
• Learn next steps to build your own Framework webpart or extension
• SharePoint Framework best practices

Level: Advanced - Platform: Cloud/Online