WRK401 - Becoming a master Power User in SharePoint and Office 365

Benjamin Niaulin  MCT, MVP, RD

Join Benjamin Niaulin (MVP) for a day to help master your role as a Power User for SharePoint and Office 365.

You may have discovered what features make up SharePoint and Office 365, what they do, and what value they provide. But do you know how to best use them and the optimal way to implement them?

This full day tutorial not only covers what features you have, but helps you learn how to use SharePoint and Office 365 as well as everything around them to best benefit your organization and empower you as a Power User. Topics include:

Inside Out of a Team Site (Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Site Columns, Web Parts etc…)
Deep Dive into Search
Leveraging capabilities like PowerApps to build mobile apps and forms as well as workflows
Basics of SharePoint Designer Workflows
Learning Dashboards with PowerBI connected to SharePoint

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK402 - How to Ensure Operational Governance for Microsoft Teams

Dux Raymond Sy  MVP, RD

Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the way companies across the globe are doing business. With simple one-step provisioning and built-in integration with the full Office 365 stack, it is easier than ever for end-users to create a Team and start collaborating.

But how can you prevent content sprawl, and ensure the right permissions and privacy settings are in place when most admin controls are out of your hands?

Join this interactive workshop and learn practical strategies for Microsoft Teams provisioning, establishing operational governance and ensuring information lifecycle management.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK403 - What Every SharePoint Developer should know about Microsoft Azure

Bob German  

While the SharePoint Framework is the new place to customize the SharePoint UI, it runs completely within the web browser, and does nothing to help with background processing or other server-side work, including situations where you need to elevate permissions beyond what the end user is allowed to do. Both sandboxed and farm solutions are off the table in SharePoint Online, leaving few SharePoint-based options for this kind of work. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure is well positioned to handle these situations and many more, and should be part of every SharePoint developer's tool set.

This workshop will introduce Azure platform services including Azure Active Directory, web apps, logic apps, Azure Functions, and more. You will learn practical approaches to integrate these with SharePoint. Scenarios will include:

• Surfacing line of business data in SharePoint via Azure web apps and functions
• Elevating permission in a SharePoint web part
• Using Azure functions as timer jobs and web services
• Implementing workflows and business orchestration with Azure Logic Apps
• Storing and querying large data sets (beyond 5,000 rows) in SQL Azure
• Safely managing security and secrets in your Azure code with Managed Service Identities and Key Vault

Attendees should have a working knowledge of C# development and familiarity with SharePoint Online.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your development skills for modern SharePoint!

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK405 - Content Services and Managed Metadata in SharePoint & Office 365

Chris McNulty  MVP, MBA

As SharePoint explodes in enterprise capacity, big data often results in a lot of big noise, too. Content Services extends the patterns and systems used to shape long term document storage to shape the first year, or even the first day of the content lifecycle. Managed Metadata and Enterprise Content Management provide tools and analysis to help you separate valuable signals from all the useless background static. This workshop is intended for enterprise architects and content managers looking to optimize the user experience for document-centric collaboration in SharePoint and Office 365.

We’ll cover:
• Principles of SharePoint information Architecture
• Harvest – the best ways to analyze, discover and reuse preexisting content including Delve Boards
• Create – deploying Office Lens and Content Types to ensure content is “born” managed
• Coordinate – Using document libraries, MMS, Flow and search to systematize and improve content collaboration and publishing
• Protect – establishing information governance policies for content retention/deletion, data loss prevention, records management, and automatic classification
• Hybrid content services

We’ll conclude with a hands on team exercise to build information governance for Office 365.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK406 - Power BI Essentials for SharePoint Users Workshop

Treb Gatte  MVP, MBA


Need to create stunning dashboards from your SharePoint data?

Yes you do!

In this workshop, we’ll show you:
- How should I approach my BI need?
- What things should be considered when creating dashboards?
- What are the best practices?
- How much is this going to cost me to license?
- What security aspects should concern me?

Who should take this course:
If your company uses Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 and you are a:
- Manager
- Business Analyst
- Power User
- SharePoint Administrator
- Consultant

If you work in these areas, you will see value:
- Marketing
- Information Technology
- Finance
- Sales
- Social Media

The class assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI and Data Concepts.

What is required for this class:
Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop on your laptop (recommended but not required)
We'll provide an Office 365 site for you to use for exercises

In this training course you will:
- Learn how to create Production Dashboards using Power BI, from SharePoint list and document library data
- How to use Power BI in a multitude of situations, including ad hoc analysis and the creation of formal dashboard.
- Learn the Power BI components: Power BI Desktop, PowerBI.com, Power BI mobile applications and how they can be used with Office 365 and SharePoint
- Receive an introduction into the core functions of Power BI; Data extraction, loading and transformation using Power Query Formula Language (“M”) and DAX.
- Receive some guidelines on how to extract Project data in fast manner.
- Discover some data modeling practices that will ensure you have maximum flexibility in analysis. You'll also learn some visualization best practices to ensure you can tell your digital story effectively
- Learn best practices for maintaining content with your organization

This course provides an end to end view of Power BI for Project reporting, so that you are able to use Power BI immediately for your needs.

Level: Introductory

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK501 - Get Started with PowerApps and Flow - Build your first HR Forms

Knut Relbe-Moe  MVP, MCT

During this workshop I will show how to build some of the most used HR Forms with Powerapps to bring the applications to your mobile, and Flow to for instance automatically send the applications to your manager for approval.

We will look into:

HR Forms:
- Holiday application
- Expense claim

IT Forms:
- IT service request

In this workshop bring your laptop, if you can, create a Office 365 Trial account before, to get you started, and we will create this applications together. I will also share the guides after the conference, in case you are unable to bring your laptop, so no reason not to join this session.

So if you plan to start to use Flow or PowerApps this session will guide you on the way, and you will be ready to create some great looking solution for your company afterwards!

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK502 - Microsoft Teams Implementation Workshop

William Huneycutt  MVP, MCT

Microsoft Teams is here and its awesome! Are you and your organization ready to collaborate in real time? Are you looking to integrate a wide range of tools into a single workspace so your team can quickly iterate on projects or better manage day-to-day business activities? Then Microsoft Teams is for you!

Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that builds on existing Microsoft technologies woven together by Office 365 Groups. Teams is designed for teamwork and flexibility. Powered by the cloud, Teams brings together the best of Office 365 into a single workspace for working with people, managing conversations, maintaining files, and integrating Office 365 applications, so everyone has instant access to everything they need.

This workshop will cover how to plan for Microsoft Teams including:
Overview of Microsoft Teams
Discussion of architecture
How to get started with Microsoft Teams
Best practices of organizing teams in Microsoft Teams
How SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business interact with Microsoft Teams

This workshop will also cover how to plan, deliver, and operate Microsoft Teams for:
Groups, Roles and Permissions
Compliance and Security
Monitoring Usage and Quality

If your organization is currently considering deploying Microsoft Teams this workshop is for you.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK503 - From Metadata to Retention & Disposal: What you need to know about Content Services in O365

Joanne Klein  MVP

The modern workplace has changed and the way we manage information needs to change along with it. Join Joanne Klein on this half day workshop as she talks about the move from traditional Enterprise Content Management to Content Services to manage your content. She'll work thru some practical examples of using Office 365 features to manage your content from creation thru to archival and disposal.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK504 - Building the Ultimate Modern SharePoint Intranet in 3 hours!

Sébastien Levert, Vlad Catrinescu  MVP

Gone are the days where an Intranet project takes years. With the rapid release cycle of SharePoint , you can start your SharePoint Intranet based on modern team, and communication sites in just three hours. Join Microsoft MVPs Vlad Catrinescu and Sebastien Levert for this half day workshop, to learn how to integrate the different pieces of Office 365 as the building blocks of your Intranet. This art-of-the-possible workshop will cover multiple Office 365 tools such as Flow, PowerApps, Communication Sites, Team Sites, Site Designs, Branding and show you what you can do Out of the box, what are the limitations, and how to workaround those limitations

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK505 - Desired State Configuration (DSC): Controlling SharePoint Deployment and Administration

Paul Stork  MVP, MCM, MBA

Building SharePoint Farms has always been a long tedious process. Community efforts like AutoSPInstaller helped improve the deployment process of SharePoint Server itself but you still needed to install the supporting infrastructure and the base server OS manually. PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) makes it possible automate the deployment of complete SharePoint Farms, including the supporting infrastructure like SQL and Active Directory. You can also use DSC to monitor, report on, and correct changes that move away from the Desired State. In this Workshop we'll show you how to build and configure an entire SharePoint Farm, including all the supporting servers and infrastructure, using a combination of PowerShell and DSC. Sample PowerShell Scripts and DSC configurations will be provided in case you want to work along with the demos.

Level: Advanced - Platform: OnPrem

WRK506 - Strategic SharePoint: From the Ground Up

Eric Riz  MVP, MBA

The highest and most effective use of SharePoint includes business units operating at the same level with SharePoint including your original data. With the changes to SharePoint and Office365 products, organizations must effectively plan and deploy functionality in order to maximize adoption and effectiveness where trusted information is surfaced up from all business units and single-sourced content sources. These elements are critical to your success.

The question is, how do you create and align a SharePoint road-map and plan that is strategic to your organization and not tactically based on implementing SharePoint and Office365 to perform only a percentage of what it is capable of doing. Join Eric Riz to learn how to make SharePoint the enterprise system that Microsoft intended it to be. He will discuss deployment strategies, tips for aligning your line of business (LOB) data, and help you conceptualize how your implementation can become strategic while devising a business plan for your implementation. Attendees will learn how to see the tangible, conceptual workplace that your executives had hoped for SharePoint including document management, data collection and governance.

What’s the ROI:
• How to shift focus from tactical to strategic
• How to identify top SharePoint and Office365 priorities for your organization
• What communication and collaboration strategies will work for your company
• What strategies other companies have adopted to ensure their success

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK601 - Strategy & Success: Practical Tools & Techniques For The Strategist, Architect & Analyst

Richard Harbridge  MVP

People are complex. Office 365 is complex. Add the two together and you get some of the most challenging, difficult, and stressful situations, especially if you are responsible for facilitating shared understanding between them.

Join Richard Harbridge to learn about actionable techniques to improve, simplify and amplify your leadership, business analysis and information architecture efforts with Office 365. Walk away with improved confidence when dealing with business and non-technical related challenges of Office 365, and be familiarized with effective tools and techniques that make Office 365 implementations more successful.

Level: Introductory and overview - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK602 - Some Quick Wins to Jump Start Your SharePoint Implementation

Stacy Deere-Strole  MVP

The determination of success vs failure for all projects is whether or not what you have implemented is being utilized by the users. Better well known as User Adoption!! However, many wonder what can I do to make sure I’m giving the users what they want, what they didn’t know they needed but will make their job easier and something I like to call the “Plus A Little” and\or the WOW Factor! Quick wins are identified as things that are quick to do, take very little time to implement (low cost), and have a HUGE impact within the organization.

In this workshop we are going to explore & build out different features within your SharePoint (O365 & OnPrem) environment that will make your SharePoint implementation the Rock Star of all projects ever implemented:

• Promoted Links
• Corporate Directory
• Global Navigation
• Collaboration
• Search
• Automation
• Social
• Dashboards

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK603 - SharePoint Information Architecture and Content Services Hands On and Unplugged

Joanne Klein, Susan Hanley  MVP

Join Susan Hanley and Joanne Klein in this hands-on lab where concepts learned from Sue's Information Architecture and Joanne's Content Services sessions will come together and be brought to life. Bring your laptop and a site you create in your own Office 365 tenant and you'll get an opportunity to work through an end-to-end example of designing and building a Communication Site that leverages Content Types and Columns to practice the best practices you learned in the Information Architecture and Content Services workshops. Note: a laptop and an Office 365 tenant where you can create a Communication Site are required for this workshop.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online

WRK604 - Leveraging React for SharePoint Framework Projects

Andrew Connell  MVP

When building SharePoint Framework solutions, regardless if they are client-side web parts or UI extensions, there is a visual component to these controls. While you could implement these interfaces by hand yourself, why not take advantage of a modern web framework? Frameworks make data binding, event handling and state management so much easier!

In this half-day workshop, learn how you can leverage the popular React web framework to implement your SharePoint Framework customizations. React is used by Microsoft across Office 365, including SharePoint, to build consistent experiences. You will learn how to not only leverage React in your SharePoint Framework components, but also how to leverage the provided Fabric React controls used by the SharePoint team as well as community control contributions as well.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK605 - Site Collection Administrator Boot Camp

Scott Shearer  MCT

This workshop is designed to provide new SCAs and site owners with the skills they need to build, manage and maintain their sites and site collections.

Topics covered include:
- SharePoint Security
- Managing Users and Groups
- List and Library features and maintenance
- Out of the Box and Custom Content Types
- Out of the Box SharePoint Workflows
- SharePoint Designer Workflows
- Site Structure
- Site Templates
- Governance Concepts
And more...

This demo-rich workshop is designed to provide you with ideas, tips and "how-to" knowledge that you can immediately implement.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud

WRK606 - Office 365 Collaboration Tools Deployment Planning

Stephanie Donahue  MVP

Have you been thinking about upgrading SharePoint? Or maybe you've moved into Office 365 and you don't know where to get started. I have this conversation with my customers all of the time. This is what I hear:

• Our first pass at SharePoint didn't go so well
• We know it can do more, but we just use SharePoint as a web-based file share
• We would love to use SharePoint - or is it Teams now? or OneDrive???

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! It's a common struggle and I help customers answer these questions every day. Whether you need technical advice on migration and backups or help convincing stubborn end users to use new tools, you can attend this workshop to get access to the templates I use with my customers every day!

You'll walk out with site architecture examples, a sample implementation plan, and a pitch deck to help you gain support for your deployment.

Join me and get your deployment moving forward successfully!

Level: Intermediate - Platform: OnPrem and Cloud