WRK403 - What Every SharePoint Developer should know about Microsoft Azure

Bob German  

While the SharePoint Framework is the new place to customize the SharePoint UI, it runs completely within the web browser, and does nothing to help with background processing or other server-side work, including situations where you need to elevate permissions beyond what the end user is allowed to do. Both sandboxed and farm solutions are off the table in SharePoint Online, leaving few SharePoint-based options for this kind of work. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure is well positioned to handle these situations and many more, and should be part of every SharePoint developer's tool set.

This workshop will introduce Azure platform services including Azure Active Directory, web apps, logic apps, Azure Functions, and more. You will learn practical approaches to integrate these with SharePoint. Scenarios will include:

• Surfacing line of business data in SharePoint via Azure web apps and functions
• Elevating permission in a SharePoint web part
• Using Azure functions as timer jobs and web services
• Implementing workflows and business orchestration with Azure Logic Apps
• Storing and querying large data sets (beyond 5,000 rows) in SQL Azure
• Safely managing security and secrets in your Azure code with Managed Service Identities and Key Vault

Attendees should have a working knowledge of C# development and familiarity with SharePoint Online.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your development skills for modern SharePoint!

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online