WRK505 - Desired State Configuration (DSC): Controlling SharePoint Deployment and Administration

Paul Stork  MVP, MCM, MBA

Building SharePoint Farms has always been a long tedious process. Community efforts like AutoSPInstaller helped improve the deployment process of SharePoint Server itself but you still needed to install the supporting infrastructure and the base server OS manually. PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) makes it possible automate the deployment of complete SharePoint Farms, including the supporting infrastructure like SQL and Active Directory. You can also use DSC to monitor, report on, and correct changes that move away from the Desired State. In this Workshop we'll show you how to build and configure an entire SharePoint Farm, including all the supporting servers and infrastructure, using a combination of PowerShell and DSC. Sample PowerShell Scripts and DSC configurations will be provided in case you want to work along with the demos.

Level: Advanced - Platform: OnPrem