Scott Shearer and Bobby Chang's Workshops at SharePoint Fest DC 2020

Dux Raymond Sy's Workshops at SharePoint Fest DC 2020

WRK403 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Power BI (But Were Afraid to Ask)

WRK603 - Office 365 Data Governance Hackathon

WRK407 - Office 365 Feature Explosion: What Should You be Using?

WRK404 - Creating Approval Processes using Power Automate (Flow) & Power Apps

WRK402 - Mastering Microsoft Teams

WRK108 - Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) for SharePoint Bootcamp

WRK106 - Microsoft Teams - Make It Real Challenge for Government Agencies

Microsoft's Max Fritz' Take on Why Attending SharePoint Fest is so Valuable

WRK102 - Introduction to Information Architecture: How to Structure and Organize an Awesome Intranet

WRK107 - Becoming a SharePoint Online Admin Expert

WRK103 - Moving from CEWP Solutions to the SharePoint Framework

WRK406 - Level Up Your SharePoint Framework Solutions for the Enterprise

DEV304 - Automate Build, Test & Deploy of SharePoint Framework Projects

DEV 203 - Robust & Reliable SharePoint Framework Components

DEV101 - Introducing the SharePoint Framework

Join Us at SharePoint Fest DC 2020

Take Advantage of the Modern Experience

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The Information Architecture Space

Why You Should Not Fear the Recent Pricing Increases for Power Apps and Power Automate

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