DEV 201 - Converting your existing JavaScript solutions to the SharePoint Framework
Mark Rackley, MVP - Featured Speaker

For years now client side developers have been creating amazing applications by embedding scripts into pages in SharePoint. While powerful, this process has created a lot of headaches including security concerns, broken pages, deployment limitations, and unsupported altering of the page. Enter the awesomeness of the SharePoint Framework! The SharePoint Framework brings Client Side Development to the enterprise and addresses the issues with script injection and cowboy coders. But what are you going to do with all those customizations you created by putting script on a page using Content Editor Web Parts, Script Editor Web Parts, and SharePoint Add-ins? Tabs, Sliders, Charts, Graphs, DataTables, Reports! How can you possibly get started? Do you have to rewrite all your scripts as TypeScript?

Never fear! Well... fear less! Join client side development veteran Mark Rackley as he walks you through the step by step process for converting a legacy solution built using jQuery , JavaScript and a Content Editor Web Part to a SharePoint Framework Client Web Part. In this session attendees will learn essential SPFx skills including:

  • How to reuse existing JavaScript with little to no modifications of existing files and without having to learn TypeScript!
  •  How to correctly reference third party libraries and load external css
  •  How to take your solutions to the next level by taking advantage of properties - How to overcome common obstacles and hurdles for creating SPFx Client Web Parts.
  •  How to package and deploy your solutions to the CDN of your choice