SPT 202 - Enhancing SharePoint with Azure Cognitive Services
Liam Cleary, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint has been around for many years in various forms. As a product it has organically grown from it's humble beginnings to a massive collaboration solution and a core part of Office 365. Even with these enhancements, a single flaw exists and that is us the end user. Changing our own habits and way of working to now use a more regimented collaboration tool, that often requires us to tag content will always be the downfall within SharePoint.

To help overcome this, Microsoft released it's Cognitive Services that can do some amazing things with our content from scanning it all and finding common words or sentences, to sentiment value of wording, and even down to understanding what is in the pictures that get uploaded. In this session we will look at how Azure Cognitive Services can be used to enhance our overall experience of our SharePoint content. We will look at the setup, configuration and then development of a solution.