Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Monday

WS 301 - Get Mobile with Azure NoSQL DB and Xamarin

Fabian Williams - K2
In this 1/2 day workshop we will begin with framing a discussion about the flexibility of having a Database this Schema Free [Schema Less] in the face of shifting priorities or adjusting to market demands through Azure Cognos DB (using DocumentDb Database API), we will then see the tooling that is available to us to use C# Skills through Xamarin.Forms to quickly and effectively create a real world (not the Todo Sample App :-) ) mobile application from ideation to fully fledged working apps for both Android and iOS.
This can be accomplished using the free community version of Visual Studio and I will provide the Azure Cosmos DB access.
Come prepared to get your hands dirty and leave empowered to create possibly your first Native mobile application.
Level: ALL