Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Tuesday

WS 501 - Deep Dive into Content Types

Tom Robbins - Robbins Professional Group
Content Types are at the core of SharePoint.  Everything you create in SharePoint is based on some Content Type from Microsoft but you should create your own content types to help you organize and manage your data in ways that match how your business operates.

Content types enable you to organize, manage, and handle content in a consistent way across your sites. By defining content types for specific kinds of documents or information products, you can ensure that each group of content is managed in a consistent way. This Workshop explains basic concepts about content types, and will dive into how to build content types to enable implementation of business processes.

With most of the core features of SharePoint, including Search, using metadata, it’s critical for success that you understand and implement content types throughout. Is your Search struggling? Are you still using folders instead of metadata? Are you wondering why the move from network drives to SharePoint hasn’t realized the full power of the technology? You need to understand metadata and Content Types.

In this half day workshop, you will learn the basics and advanced topics around Content Types. You will learn to create content types that enable you to automate many typical business processes.

  • What are Content Types?
  • How do we create simple and complex Content Types to mimic our business content
  • Understand how to leverage Content Type Inheritance
  • Implement Information Management Policy on Content Types
  • Attach Workflow to Content Types to automate Approvals, Feedback gathering, and Disposition Approval
  • Attaching Content Types to Lists and Libraries for uniform deployment across Sites 
Level: Intermediate