OFF 100 - The Office 365 Groups session you can take back to your colleagues
Matt Wade - H3 Solutions

Baffled by Office 365 Groups? Join the club. As we’re all too aware, confused users mean meager adoption. This session will 1) cover what Groups are; 2) how to create and use Outlook Groups, Yammer Feeds, and Teams Chats; and 3) describe in detail how they’re all related (spoiler: they’re basically the same thing). Most importantly, you’ll pick up use cases that demonstrate when to use which, plus some concise infographics that will help translate this nebulous concept into concrete results.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel: after this user-focused session, you’ll receive the slides so you can present your colleagues the same session—tailored to your culture—without much effort. Kill the chaos, then reap the benefits of an engaged organization.


OFF 101 - I'm New to Office 365 - Help!
Kim Frehe, MCT - Featured Speaker

Has your organization recently announced they are moving or have moved from an older version of SharePoint to Office 365? Or are you completely new to this thing called "SharePoint" and have no idea where to start?

We'll start with the very basics for a brand new user to Office365. We'll explore some of the key benefits of Office365 and how it can make your life easier. For existing older-version SharePoint users, we'll talk about some of the key differences between prior versions and what's new in Office 365, especially around editing content and finding "stuff".


OFF 102 - Intranets In The Cloud: What You Need To Know
Richard Harbridge, MVP, TSP - Featured Speaker

There is a growing trend of organisations moving to “the cloud” to meet their intranet needs. While many organisations are running their Intranets “on premise”, many are considering entirely cloud-based solutions or running them on platforms like Office 365.

The question for many companies is “should our intranet be built with Office 365?” 

In this session Richard Harbridge will explore:

  •  The benefits Office 365 brings to an intranet...
  •  Where the issues and challenges will lie...
  •  When and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing intranet today...


OFF 103 - eDiscovery and Compliance options for Protecting your intellectual property in Office 365
Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has finally done it- there is finally enough security and protection in the cloud that even the largest companies are moving workloads to Office 365. As the person responsible for implementing Office 365, you may also be responsible for proving you can protect your organizations intellectual property as well. Come to this session to find answers to frequently asked questions on eDiscovery, security and compliance.


OFF 104 - Developing and maintaining your Road map in Office 365
Adam Ochs

Are you struggling to figure out your path in Office 365? Is your company new to the product? Come learn how to develop your Office 365 road map to set you and your company up for success. Gather insights from years of experience crafting solid enterprise solutions with global companies growing into Office 365, and learn the pitfalls that can get in your way.


OFF 105 - SharePoint Online - Updating your classic team site to use new Office 365 features
Amit Vasu, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has been adding lot of new features to Office 365. This session will cover how to leverage these new features with existing Classic Team Sites. In this session we will cover how to add modern home pages and news to your classic team sites. This session will go into details on how you can convert your Classic team site to Group connected SP site and take advantage of existing services like Microsoft Teams and Planner. This session will also cover things to consider when migrating on-prem SharePoint sites to SharePoint online.


OFF 201 - Getting the best use out of all Office 365 applications
Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

There's so much that Office 365 has to offer small to large organizations. However, the current reality is that most organizations are only using about 20% of the available capabilities. Why not understand the Entire value of the suite of Office 365 applications so your users can take full advantage of what you are already paying for!?

Come to this session and we'll go over the entire stack of Office 365 applications. Not just what each of them do, but also the sample business use cases for each of them as well.


OFF 202 - Office 365 Groups - The Ultimate Guide
Benjamin Niaulin, MCT, MVP, RD - Featured Speaker

Groups, Groups and more Groups for Office 365, the vision from the productivity team at Microsoft for your organization in terms of collaboration. But what are they exactly and how does it work?
This session will deep dive into Groups, it’ll help you understand how it actually works behind the scenes, how they get created and what level of administration is available for you as an Admin.
It’ll then explore the flow users will experience when working with Groups for Office 365 to see first hand the experience delivered.

  • What are Groups for Office 365
  • How do they work behind the scenes on a technical level
  • Administrative capabilities as an admin
  • Experience from the End Users perspective
  • Different mobile apps that work with Groups
  • What’s on the roadmap and understanding the vision

Without a doubt, Microsoft is investing heavily in Groups for Office 365 setting a new experience for team collaboration in the enterprise. Come see it live and see if it fits your collaborative needs for teams.


OFF 203 - How to Develop Your Office 365 Information Governance Strategy in 4 Steps
Dux Raymond Sy,  - Featured Speaker

So you’ve made the decision to move to Office 365 – now how do you ensure your critical business information is secure in the cloud?

In this interactive session, you will learn how to reduce risk and ensure your users do the right thing by employing industry best practices for information governance, risk, and compliance. We’ll also explain how recent enhancements from Microsoft – including Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and Azure Information Protection – as well as other related technologies can help. This session will empower you to implement proven tactics to ensure your Microsoft Cloud investment meets business needs while protecting your most sensitive data.


OFF 204 - Groups, and Teams and Sites Oh My!- The Ultimate Office 365 Groups Teardown
John Peluso, RD - Featured Speaker

Groups are one of the most powerful innovations Microsoft has brought to the Office 365 platform, but they are also one of the most confusing. A Team is a Group, but is a Group a Team? These and other questions are often accompanied by a head-scratch and a shrug, but even more important questions like “where is my stuff actually being stored”? In this session we’ll take apart all of the moving parts of an Office 365 Group and in the process, demystify how Groups are provisioned, where data for each Group service is stored, and what tools are available to manage your Groups deployment.


OFF 301 - Tackling Adoption Like A Service With Office 365
Richard Harbridge, MVPP-TSP - Featured Speaker

Office 365 provides an incredible amount of value to individual employees, teams, departments, and organizations. Much of this value is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment of Office 365. The value is realized as more and more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology. So how do we drive faster, sustainable and effective adoption? And perhaps more importantly, how do we ensure our adoption approach scales and can keep up with the innovation the Office 365 service provides?

Join Richard Harbridge as he shares real world experience, advice and activities that other customers are leveraging to get more from Office 365 and drive more meaningful adoption.


OFF 302 - How to effectively administer Office 365 Groups in your organization
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Office 365 Groups are the backbone of innovations occurring in Office 365 and there can be confusion around what Groups actually are and should be used for. This session will deep dive into the management and administration possibilities for Groups from creation to deletion and everything in between. The wonderful world of PowerShell will be utilized and demoed along with the many other tools that you can administer Groups with. This session will focus on the technical aspects around:

  •  How are they structured?
  •  Creation, Deletion, and Updates
  •  What administration options are available?
  •  How can I manage them?
  •  What’s new?

By the end of this session you will have a better understanding of how you can effectively roll out, administer and manage Groups to your enterprise with confidence.


OFF 303 - Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Yammer...What Should I Use, and When?
Dux Raymond Sy - Featured Speaker

For today's fast-paced, mobile-driven, and globally dispersed workplace, Microsoft offers tons of great ways to effectively communicate and collaborate. But which tools are right for your organisation? Solutions like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Skype for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow all offer something unique to your business. In this interactive session, you will gain practical guidance on finding the right tools to facilitate efficient communications and collaboration both inside and outside the walls of your organisation. We’ll also explain how to drive adoption and keep your chosen solution under control. Get ready to walk away with the ability to chart a productive and pragmatic collaboration approach that delivers immediate and lasting value to your modern workplace.


OFF 304 - Pre-Implementation Planning for Microsoft Teams User Adoption and Governance
Melissa Hubbard, MVP, PMP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Teams is the new chat based collaboration tool which provides teammates within an organization a one stop shop to share and access content and tools as well as create and hold meetings. Teams drives productivity and engagement by combining functionality of Microsoft Groups, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Skype for Business all in one location.
Are you or your customers thinking about rolling out Microsoft Teams? Are you questioning how to drive user adoption as well as govern content and access?

This session will discuss:

  •  Teams functionality and components
  •  Change management and user adoption
  •  Governance