PWR 101 - Essentials for the SharePoint Power User
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are you a newly minted site owner and you want to know how to get started? Or did your company just roll out SharePoint and you want to learn more about what it can do?

In this session, I will walk through what I believe Power Users need to know when they become site administrators, champions, ninjas, or owners. I will be going through things at an overview level. I will go into detail on some areas in which I have seen the biggest gaps while working with different companies.

This session will go through such things as:

  •  How security works and how you should manage i
  •  Intro to libraries & lists
  •  Managing content types and columns
  •  Get better search driven content
  •  Building a page with search driven web parts
PWR 102 - PowerApps for SharePoint Users
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

The time of InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and Access Services has passed. Users of Microsoft's previous power-user tools need to take a look at PowerApps as the newest toolset for extending and integrating with SharePoint. Come see the various ways PowerApps integrates with and extends SharePoint's functionality, learn how SharePoint and other data sources can be made available via mobile devices, and build powerful business solutions without writing code. 

It’s important for SharePoint users to understand where PowerApps can be leveraged and how to set expectations for organization and user adoption.

PWR 103 - Power Up SharePoint with PowerApps
Bobby Chang, MVP - Featured Speaker

Watch a live demo of SharePoint form and mobile app development using PowerApps. This session (much like PowerApps) is aimed for Power Users and Information Workers. See how you could easily interact with data from SharePoint Server On-Premises or SharePoint Online in Office 365 and deliver business-driven applications using little to no code.

The session will demonstrate what it takes to "develop" with PowerApps and what your organization would need to get started.

PWR 104 - Classic to Modern - Reset your SharePoint knowledge
Benjamin Niaulin, MCT, MVP, RD - Featured Speaker

We're used to thinking in Classic SharePoint terms, but things have changed. With Office 365 introducing a subscription to modern solutions for our end users, we can't apply the same concepts anymore.

In this session, we'll look at the differences between Classic SharePoint and Modern SharePoint and go further by looking at what the other products in Office 365 complement it to provide a complete, productivity solution.

What you'll learn:

  • Differences between Classic SharePoint and Modern SharePoint
  • How to deploy Modern SharePoint to leverage the most of it
  • What products in the suite enhance SharePoint and how
PWR 105 - Lessons Learned on Designing an effective Digital Hub
Kanwal Khipple, MVP - Featured Speaker

Attend this session to better understand how you can build your digital hub powered by SharePoint Online. We’ll dive into how Hub Sites, Communication and broader team sites can support with your digital workplace strategy.

Along-side, learning practical tips on how to build your own digital workplace, Kanwal will also share lessons learned on content strategy, migration strategy, brand strategy as well as governance strategy for your SharePoint sites.

PWR 201 - Introduction to Office 365 Groups
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Let’s get started with modern collaboration! Office 365 Groups are a solution developed with people and collaboration in mind. Groups are providing a new way for your team to work together. If you are in Office 365 or moving to it, you will need to learn what Office 365 Groups are and how they fit in into your enterprise.

This session will be filled with demos around an overview and introduction to Groups and how you interact with them as an end user.

PWR 202 - Client-Side Rendering (CSR) for SharePoint: from Intro to Practical Application
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint continues to offer core functionality through lists, libraries and views. Client-Side Rendering (CSR) allows power users to employ JavaScript and HTML to extend these capabilities beyond out of the box limitations without using managed code - specifically for 2013, 2016, and the Classic mode in SharePoint online.

This session will walk through a primer for using CSR while showing methods to improve common SharePoint solution scenarios where PowerApps is unavailable.

PWR 203 - Use Your On-premises Data with PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow
Daniel Glenn, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps are powerful cloud tools that can take your on-premises data, stored in systems like SQL and SharePoint, to new heights. Using your data where it is now gives you the ability to invest in improving processes, instead of focusing on a data migration strategy.

In this session, we will discuss the benefits of using the cloud tools and how workflow, analytics, and business apps can utilize your on-premises data. We will setup a data gateway, connect to on-premises data sources, and discuss how to use that data in Office 365 to create rich business solutions.

You will walk-away from this session with the knowledge you need to immediately start using your on-premises data with Office 365.

PWR 204 - When cookie-cutter user adoption doesn't cut it
Sarah Haase - Featured Speaker

Most of us learn from others. We look for leaders in a given field, learn how they do things and try to replicate their formula for success. This approach seems logical, doesn't it? Identify, learn and replicate. Unfortunately, user adoption isn't a cookie-cutter exercise. Attempts to take good Collaboration ideas (ideas that drive effective governance and successful user adoption) and re-use them often fail.

In this session, we'll examine why reused ideas and solutions often fail and offer practical ideas for overcoming this re-use barrier. We'll also discuss our real-life experience integrating innovative governance and user adoption strategies across companies. You'll learn how to examine your users, your culture and your Collaboration goals so you can tailor others’ solutions to meet your needs.

PWR 301 - From SharePoint to PowerApps: Evolution of the ‘Intake Form’ Solution
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint and O365 power users solve business problems by combining out of the box SharePoint lists, libraries, and components into multi-page solutions.

  • Users need to submit a request, manage or have visibility to their requests, and access archived requests
  • Folks managing requests need visibility to new requests, the ability to review or triage them, and then assign requests to the appropriate resources
  • Folks responding to requests need to have visibility to what is assigned to them, need to see request details in order to respond to the request, and close requests.
  • Management needs to see an overview of what’s being requested and how effective their team is at working the requests.

PowerApps integration with O365 and SharePoint adds a new options for these solutions – by replacing SharePoint forms and augmenting, or outright replacing, legacy approaches. Walk through a simple intake request list example and see how PowerApps brings new features, capabilities, and accessibility to these solutions.

PWR 302- Reclaiming SharePoint: How to reel in an overgrown implementation
Sarah Haase - Featured Speaker

SharePoint is organic. File-based SharePoint sites grow exponentially, consuming more and more storage space and making it difficult for users to find what they need. Governance plans designed to steer SharePoint's utilization tarnish over time, discouraging users from adopting the platform.

This session outlines the reasons why SharePoint environments become overgrown and under-utilized and provides practical guidance on how you can assess your implementation and create a revitalization plan. We'll also review several real-world SharePoint turnaround stories, highlighting the challenges faced and the methods taken to revive user adoption. Whether you have a "green-field" implementation with no formal governance in place or have a faded governance model that is no longer working, you'll leave this session with proven techniques for engaging your key constituents and driving change.

PWR 303 - Learn what's new and coming with Office 365 Business Apps (SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow, Forms)
Chris McNulty, Microsoft

No-code and low-code applications have been essential tools in Microsoft SharePoint for a long time, but we’ve added many other new tools to your palette.

We review the roadmap and best practices in our platform for creating business apps solutions (Lists, PowerApps, Forms, Microsoft Flow). We’ll also discuss the patterns to help transform customer solutions that still remain on premises and/or in legacy tool sets like InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or Access Web Apps.