SOL 01 - SPorganizer – A New Revolution in SharePoint Management
Ryan VanOsdol, DocAuto

For the last ten years there has been much change in SharePoint, yet the management tools have all basically stayed the same. Well that's all about to change.

Find out why Experts Exchange selected SPorganizer the top SharePoint technology discovery at Microsoft Ignite 2017.

We’ll look at what SPorganizer is and then we’ll examine five use cases that a major, global financial institution used to justify abandoning existing technologies in favor of adopting the next generation SPorganizer solution to manage their massive, global SharePoint environment.

SOL 02 - No-Fail Strategies: The Role of Accessibility & Usability on Your Website
Maggie Swearingen, Protiviti

What makes many companies and organizations finally spend the time and money addressing accessibility? A law suit. By the time it’s an issue, it’s already too late. Let’s plan ahead and avoid this costly pitfall. This session will introduce you to the basics of W3C and 508 accessibility standards as well as the tools you’ll need for evaluating your website. We’ll review the differences between accessibility and usability and strategies you can employ to address both hot topics on your Web properties.

SOL 03 - Groups and Teams Governance Made Easy with AvePoint

By design, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams are poised to change the way every individual in your organization works together – from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Learn how to strike the balance between enforcing governance over Groups and Teams, and getting your users what they need quickly with AvePoint.

SOL 04 - Advancing the Art of Workflow to Intelligent Processes Automation
Terry Simpson, Nintex

For more than decade, leading organizations and agencies (like yours!) have fundamentally improved how work gets done by automating a wide range of organizational processes in SharePoint and across the extended enterprise. Still, due to rapid change and the growth of complex and highly specialized projects, nearly 70% of important enterprise processes remain highly manual. Success into the next decade requires a different approach -- one that combines the benefits of no-code, rapid iterative development, and tapping into process intelligence to identify, automate, orchestrate, and continuously optimize front-office processes. This session provides insights into how to move beyond simple automation and achieve intelligent process automation.

SOL 05 - Innovation in Motion – Adapting to a Changing Digital Climate
Charles-Pierre Lansley, DocPoint

Companies are constantly pitching software to solve problems in the market place. What happens when the customer challenges change on a daily basis? How do you incorporate existing technologies, multifunction devices, file shares and cloud technology to solve a federal or commercial business challenge? This session will introduce solutions that are flexible, scalable, and available to most businesses and federal agencies today. Our solution will help digitize and migrate content to the cloud while preparing for changes to the regulatory and business environment. We will share best practices being implemented across the nation for both Fortune 1000 and Federal customers to solve dynamic business and compliance challenges.

SOL 06 - Watch a Non-Technical User Create Smart Forms in Minutes
Sara Jhangiryan, KWizCom

Who said you have to be a power-user to create powerful forms?
Most available form solutions for SharePoint are designed for power-users, requiring technical skills to work with complex designers such as InfoPath. But why can't creating forms be as easy as creating a Word document, for example?
Join this session to see in action how a non-technical business user easily creates dynamic and smart forms in Office 365 in minutes without any technical knowledge or skills.

SOL 07 - Execute Your Complex Migration from Start to Finish with Ease
Ryan Patrick, Metalogix

Let’s face it moving your content can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the environment that is being migrated. Learn how Metalogix can provide you with the ability to migrate your complicated environments using the desired end-state of the environment

SOL 08 - Process Governance for Governmental Processes
Shyamal Addanki, FireStart

In today's world of digital processes, regulation, and scrutiny, it is imperative that governmental organizations have clear process governance structures that provide control of an organizations processes, policies, and permissions. Additionally, while most local departments chase efficiency through automation bots and scripts, it is important to have a holistic view of process automation in sync with the authorized processes. FireStart provides a platform to manage and govern all your processes, and then easily automate them.

SOL 09 - GAMIFICATION & SHAREPOINT: Driving Loyalty and Adoption with Gamify
Marlee Long, CardioLog Analytics

The Digital Workplace is evolving rapidly, posing new challenges, as well as opportunities for greater innovation. Gamification combined with analytics can drive SharePoint adoption so you can realize the many benefits of SharePoint, going beyond a brief adoption project. It lets you create lasting changes in behavior to guarantee sustained collaboration. Learn how you can target your end-users in real time with captivating metrics, badges leaderboards and more, made possible by Gamify.

SOL 10 - Ransomware to Recovery in Office 365 - A Guide
Ian Gillespie, Backupify

As you move more of your critical workloads to Office 365, the need to evaluate procedures for “what if” scenarios become even more important. In the event that you get hit with a ransomware attack (which - yes! - can happen in the cloud), don't panic. We'll give you a step by step overview of your recovery options in Office 365.

SOL 11 - Leverage Office 365/SharePoint with Sinequa to Become Information-Driven
Jeff Evernham, Sinequa

Modern organizations rely on Office 365/SharePoint in addition to many other critical applications and various enterprise data sources to run their business. With over 180+ smart data connectors, Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform extracts actionable information across the enterprise data landscape and presents relevant information in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity.