WF 101 - Workflows and Forms in Microsoft world - when to use what?
Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

We all know that forms and workflows are essential for us in any SharePoint initiative. However, the ever evolving story around these technologies has confused a lot of people. Questions such as the following come to mind:

  • What tools should I be using or should we be creating them from scratch?
  • Will my forms and workflows continue to work when I upgrade?
  • Are SharePoint Designer and InfoPath still alive or should I concentrate my efforts on PowerApps and Flow?
  • Should I consider a 3rd party solution?

Come to this session and we'll dissect all of these questions and more. We'll discuss (along with lots of demos) the pros and cons for going with each strategy. You'll leave the session with the confident understanding of which tool you should be using when.


WF 102 - Introduction to Microsoft Flow
Daniel Glenn, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Flow is the powerful workflow platform available to everyone that can help you manage your data and workloads. Flow enables you to synchronize files, collect information from users and systems, get notifications when specific actions have taken place, and more. In this session, I will introduce you to the Flow service, work through several use cases, and give you additional resources to get you started with Flow. We will also discuss the future of SharePoint Designer, the roadmap for Flow, and showcase its integration with SharePoint.


WF 103 - Three Must-Have Workflows with Microsoft Flow
Vlad Catrinescu, MCT, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are you on Office 365 or planning to move soon? Learn how to automate business processes with Microsoft’s latest workflow tool: Microsoft Flow! In this session, we will earn the basic of workflows, how Flow works and create a few awesome examples!


WF 104 - Approvals in Flow
Scott Shearer, MCT - Featured Speaker

Flow is the next generation automation tool for SharePoint and will eventually replace Designer workflows. In this session, you'll see a variety of ways to use Flow for approvals in SharePoint. First, we'll use email based Flow approvals. Then, we'll dive into "Modern" approvals using flow. See how your users can quickly approve items using their cell phones with one touch. You'll walk away from this session with the skills you need to immediately start using Flow for SharePoint approvals.


WF 105 -Business Process Automation with PowerApps and Flow
William Huneycutt, MCT, MVP - Featured Speaker

In 2016, Microsoft introduced two new tools in Office 365: PowerApps and Flow. PowerApps is designed for power users everywhere to connect, create and share business apps and forms for your team. Flow is designed to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services, such as SharePoint, to get notifications, synchronize files and collect data. As these products have evolved and matured since their release, Microsoft has made clear it is time for organizations to consider moving away from SharePoint Designer and InfoPath. This workshop is a deep dive into the capabilities of PowerApps and Flow as organizations transition from SharePoint Designer and InfoPath.

In this session, users will learn how to get started quickly with PowerApps to create rich forms and apps complete with an Microsoft Office-like experience.

  • Users will learn how to create an app or form from scratch for use in the web or on mobile platforms.
  • Discover how to use built-in connections to connect PowerApps to cloud services such as Office 365 and OneDrive, and on-premises systems such as SharePoint.
  • Detailed comparison of PowerApps and InfoPath.

This session will also discuss how to work smarter and more efficiently by automating workflows across the most common apps and services.

  •  Users will learn how to build, manage, and administrator Flows in your environment.
  •  Learn to create Flows from scratch or by using pre-built templates in the visual designer.
  •  Discover how to connect Flow to over 100 data sources.
  •  Detailed comparison of SharePoint Designer workflows and Flow.

The future of SharePoint is exciting, and the addition of PowerApps and Flow can help to address the complex business processes faced by today’s business teams.


WF 201 - SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows - An Introduction
Scott Shearer, MCT - Featured Speaker

Learn how to create SharePoint Designer workflows from the ground up. This session is full of live demos designed to provide a solid foundation for creating workflows. List workflows, reusable workflows and site workflows will all be discussed and created live. Learn how easy it is to automate processes by using SharePoint Designer workflows. This session will also highlight new features in SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows and differences from Designer 2010 workflows.

WF 202 - Microsoft Forms - A New App for your Business Process Toolbox
Haniel Croitoru, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

Recently, Microsoft released its Forms product to the wider Office 365 Business user community. With other apps like Excel Surveys, PowerApps, and Flow, you may wonder where Forms fits into the ecosystem of business process optimization.

Join me as I provide you with an overview of Microsoft Forms and discuss real-life scenarios where this new great App can be used for your business needs.


WF 203 - SharePoint Workflow for Cross-Site data, web services, and Flow
Richard Toland - Featured Speaker

This session teaches how to leverage SharePoint Designer 2013 or better workflow to interface with remote web services. While this provides the ability for everything from posting to Twitter or instantiating Azure automation routines, it is also particularly useful to SharePoint users for list item creation and manipulation between sites or site collections or even provisioning sites. With the recent release of Microsoft Flow this can now be used in tandem to seamlessly integrate between SharePoint onprem and online and beyond.


WF 300 - Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Nintex for Office 365, But Should!
Terry Simpson, Nintex

Just like your organization, Nintex has continued to evolve: from making it easy to automate any process (without code!) in SharePoint, to delivering an intelligent workflow and content automation platform. This fast-paced session provides a technical tour—complete with demos—of killer Nintex for Office 365 capabilities you can start using today to automate, orchestrate, and optimize organizational and businesses processes with Office 365 at the center. See new no-code workflow design features, a modern forms experience, data-driven content automation, and (most important) intelligent operational and business insights into the effectiveness of your content-centric processes. Leave this session inspired to apply these capabilities to light up use cases like contract lifecycle management, advanced document management, and improving customer or citizen service experience. All without writing any code.


WF 301 - Real World Use Cases for PowerApps and Flow
Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker

Come to this session to learn how to leverage PowerApps and Flow in the real world to do real business processes. Get beyond the twitter demos and hello world apps and create something you can use right away in your organization! We will talk about vacation request forms in PowerApps, email-enabled libraries in SharePoint Online using Flow, updates on the latest and greatest features, and the future of business process automation in SharePoint Online.


WF 302 - Using Logic Apps to Automate Your Processes
Ryan Schouten, MCT, MVP - Featured Speaker

Logic Apps are a way for developers and power users to be able to automate processes in their organizations. Logic Apps are more powerful than the consumer Microsoft Flow. Come attend this session to explore how to create Logic Apps that can be tied in with your existing systems whether on-premise or in the cloud. We will also explore using Azure Functions to be able to handle different events from various types of systems.


WF 303 - Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows
Scott Shearer, MCT - Featured Speaker

This session is designed to help you take your Designer 2013 workflow skills to the next level. Full of live demos, you’ll learn how to use Designer workflows to set permissions on list items and use new features such as App Steps, Loops and Task Actions. We’ll also explore the Designer string actions and show you when to use them.

If you ever wondered how and why to use an Association Column, this session is for you. Unlock the power of no-code solutions with Designer 2013 workflows.


WF 304 - Business Process Automation: Advanced Workflow Solutions
William Huneycutt, MCT, MVP - Featured Speaker

BPA is the automation of complex business processes beyond conventional data management. It focuses on “run the business” activities and often deals with event-driven, mission-critical, core processes. This session is designed to showcase how to use Microsoft Flow to create custom workflows. Flow provides a rich set of features for creating no code solutions, that help increase efficiency in the workplace, provide transparency, and promote accountability in daily business processes. Using real-world examples, we will demonstrate how to design workflow solutions to meet the ever-changing business requirements faced by today’s professionals. 

  • Users will learn how to build, manage, and administrator Flows in your environment.
  •  Learn to create Flows from scratch or by using pre-built templates in the visual designer.
  •  Discover how to connect Flow to over 100 data sources.
  •  Detailed comparison of SharePoint Designer workflows and Flow.