Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday

WS 104 - Maximizing Office 365 Utilization

Mark Rackley & Stephanie Donahue - PAIT Group
Are you completely overwhelmed with the thought of diving into Office 365? Are you concerned you aren’t using it effectively? Do you need help wrapping your head around all the difference pieces?  The landscape of Office 365 is immense and ever changing. There are just so many pieces and parts. What do they all mean and when should I use them? In this full day workshop, Office 365 MVP’s Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley will give you an understanding of all the different pieces of Office 365 and how you can maximize their usage to get the greatest benefit for your investment. 
Just some of the topics to be covered in this demo-filled and interactive workshop are:

Level: ALL