BV102 - Doing It Right…The SharePoint Way!

Stacy Deere-Strole  MVP

Through numerous years of eating, drinking and sleeping SharePoint I have come to realize that there is 1 thing that has never changed. That 1 thing is a question and the answer to that question is the most important thing in all of SharePoint. That question is "What direction should my organization be going and how do we get there?". The question or a very close form of that question is asked anytime something bad happens to the current environment or software, the current environment or software is up for renewal, new technology is introduced and last but not least, during yearly budget planning.

Most companies will fall into one of the following categories:
• Current application is no longer suitable due to company growth, lack of functionality or
• Current application company that created & supported it no longer exists.
• Starting from scratch and SharePoint has been chosen now deciding which way to go and where to start?
• Currently utilizing SharePoint but not exactly the way Microsoft intended
• Need to upgrade to continue support

Regardless of the current situation your organization is in the end goal for all is success and success is measured by the usage of the application. Yes folks, user adoption IS more important than being on time or under budget. Otherwise, what was the point of the entire project that I am sure took months and sometimes years to plan and implement.

In this session I will take you through where to start, keys to choosing the right path for your organization and most importantly implement SharePoint in a way user adoption meets your goals and of course come in on time and on par with the budget.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud