CM104 - Creating a Seamless Intranet Experience for Your Employees

Adam Levithan  MVP, MBA

The best intranets in the world, often built on SharePoint, seem inaccessible to the average size organization. Leveraging Microsoft 365 removes many boundaries to creating these dynamic digital workplaces. However, all the Office 365 features: OneDrive, Collaboration Sites, Communications Sites, Microsoft Teams and Yammer (and more), can make building an information architecture a daunting task.

In this session, we will see real-life examples of how organizations balanced their need to communicate with their employees’ needs to get everyday work done to create a successful intranet.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

CM101 - Folder vs. Metadata Battle Royale for Modern SharePoint Supremacy

Bobby Chang  MVP, PMP

Have you been steering people away from folder use in SharePoint? Or are you on the opposite corner, just downright tired of hearing yet another benefit of document tags? Folder and metadata have long been contentious adversaries in the world of SharePoint collaboration. Each has its benefits and its drawbacks. So, what’s the right approach?

Find out which could work best for you and your organization. Explore how to fully utilize modern SharePoint in SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server 2019.

In this session, we will take the modern Document Library for a spin, showcasing features for document management and collaboration.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM204 - Refresh your intranet with modern Office 365 features

Daniel Glenn  MVP

Implementing the new modern experience is key to keeping your intranet fresh and relevant with new Office 365 features. What is the best way to implement the new features, make your environment ready for the future of collaboration, and keep your users working with their data without major disruptions? How do you use the new modern SharePoint and Office 365 features with your current Office 365 based intranet?

In this session, we will walk through all of these questions and show you how to get moving with your intranet remodel. Using demos and actual project plans, you will get the knowledge you need to start transforming your Office 365 experience. By highlighting the features most requested by users, you will learn what to focus on during the initial stage of your project. Office 365 Groups, SharePoint hub sites, SharePoint communication sites, and modern site improvements will all be demonstrated to help you bring the "wow" factor to your intranet.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

CM202 - Take your intranet to the next level with Page Designs

David Feldman  MVP

Page designs let you create reusable templates that content authors can use to get to quickly create beautiful pages.

Learn about creating and managing page designs and examples of how you can leverage them to build compelling intranet experiences.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM105 - Making the most of SharePoint Managed Metadata

Jeff Cate  

When SharePoint’s Managed Metadata feature set was introduced in 2010, it was hailed as “revolutionary” and the most important SharePoint feature to date. Fast forward to 2018 – it’s still an awesome set of features that is woven tightly throughout the SharePoint end user experience. But, with all of the emphasis over the past 5 – 7 years on “moving to the cloud”, has it become an underutilized power feature? We believe so.

Attend this session to take a fresh look at the Managed Metadata feature set in SharePoint and hear some stories of its effective use.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM201 - Make Your Intranet go from Good to Great

Liz Sundet  rMVP, MCT, PMP, MBA

Imagine spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your company intranet portal only to realize that people really don't like it, don't spend much time in it and avoid it as much as possible. It could be because your corporate intranet, while having lots of information, just doesn't function well for the general population.

In this session, we will talk through examples of different company intranets build using SharePoint in both on-premises and online and what makes them transform and make the leap from good to great. We will then explore how to use the new features of communication sites as a company intranet in O365.

Use those examples and little things in user adoption to make your intranet a place of interest and collaboration, that people will want to come back to.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM103 - What's new in SharePoint Content Services

Mike Maadarani  MVP

Modern content management is essential in today’s world for organizations to increase the workforce collaboration and drive productivity. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is rapidly evolving into modern content services, where SharePoint Online and OneDrive are the center of the collaboration and content management.

In this session, we will review the new feature of content services and the information management lifecycle, through creating, collaboration and securing your data in Office 365. This includes demoing ECM capabilities in modern SharePoint such as content types, bulk editing, retention policies, intake, etc., to make sure content management is easier than ever in the modern lists.

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud

CM302 - Build an Intranet with modern SharePoint

Mike Maadarani  MVP

Learn how to build a world class modern intranet by leveraging Office 365. Your intranet should no longer be a single portal with multiple sub-sites; it should span across multiple sites, features, and capabilities to deliver the platform you are looking for.

Explore how to use Microsoft Teams, modern SharePoint team sites and communication sites, as well as hub sites to create a unique modern intranet that can meet your organization needs today and in the future.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

CM303 - Mastering the Art of SharePoint DMS implemenation

Oliver Wirkus  MVP, MCT

Office 365 is an ongoing success story for Microsoft, and many organizations are moving their on-premises environments and solutions to Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Most organizations are focusing on migrating their business documents to Office 365, but a powerful and efficient document management system needs to be configured first.

This session provides best-practices and recommendations on how to create a tailored and efficient document management system in Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM102 - Tips and Best Practices for Modern Communication Sites

Susan Hanley  MVP

Communication Sites provide a great tool to create beautiful, mobile-friendly, dynamic intranet sites. But just easy to create doesn’t always mean that easy to “consume.”

It’s just as easy to create an ineffective beautiful site as it is to create an ineffective ugly site! In this session, we’ll review how to create sites that are both beautiful and effective using the modern Communication Site framework.

You will learn how to leverage the “hero web part,” the best way to enhance your content with images, and how to create great content on your pages using the new section layouts and backgrounds, including what type of content works best in each layout. You will take away ideas that will help your sites go from boring to soaring!

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud

CM203 - Getting started with Hub Sites: how to plan and organize hub sites to build your intranet

Susan Hanley  MVP

If you are wondering how to incorporate hub sites into your intranet, this is the session for you!

We will review how to determine what your hub sites should be, how to make key decisions for hub site navigation, and best practices for planning and organizing hub sites.

You will learn what you can do now with hub sites as well as how to position for the future so that you can build and sustain your dynamic, modern intranet.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud

CM301 - Planning Navigation for Your Intranet, Hubs, and Sites

Susan Hanley  MVP

Did you know that between 80 and 90% of your users explore your intranet sites by browsing – even if you have an awesome search experience? This means that you need to pay attention to navigation – how you organize and label sites and links in your intranet navigation and how to use the new mega-menus in SharePoint sites.

This session will help you learn navigation best practices – for your intranet as a whole, for hub sites in Office 365, and for individual team and communication sites. Learn what works and what doesn’t work and how to ensure that your navigation guides your users to exactly what they need!

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud