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  Newsletter 9.13

In this week’s SharePoint Fest newsletter, discover how you can turn repetitive tasks into multi-step workflows with Microsoft Flow at #SPFestChi, learn 5 ways the cloud will impact IT jobs, and more! 

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To ensure success in your SharePoint adoption initiative, it’s crucial that you identify success indicators, quantify the variables, and track the change.

Make a list of benefits that you aim to achieve and monitor the progress. This gives you sets of actionable data you can use to inform your decisions and guide your actions to correct and adjust along the way.

In this short video, Laura Calaway, author at Expressworks, shares some great examples to illustrate the point.

This video clip is part of a complete one-hour course on achieving SharePoint adoption success. To watch the full course, go here. 

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In this week's SPFest newsletter sponsored by Backupify, you can get an eBook that has all the facts you need on data backup and restores within Office 365, view all of Dux Raymond Sy's and AvePoint's sessions that will be presented at #SPFestSea, and more!  

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In this week's SharePoint Fest newsletter sponsored by AvePoint, get a free eBook to learn how you can simplify records management in the cloud, discover how you can convert string to URL friendly string with Microsoft Flow, and more! 

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